Technology Solutions

Wheelhouse teamed with some of the brightest minds in information science to offer its proprietary “Blackbox” technology. BlackBox is a CDM: Customer Data Management Tool Blackbox solves the problems related to capturing, organizing and analyzing data gathered during live encounters with the consumer.
Blackbox delivers accurate data metrics in a cloud-based, easy-to-use platform.

The Process Result

Blackbox powerfully connects verticals that traditionally lived separately.
Companies that have an immense network of sales reps, marketing personnel, agencies and promotional personnel, requires an incredible amount of communication and strategy to be effective. Through real-time data capture incorporating year-to-year analyses and assessment, The Blackbox tool engages and touches each department, gathering, assimilating and organizing the collaborative data needed. Blackbox can help teams be ultimately successful through real-time data capture and comparative year to year analyzation.

Result and Application

Gathering accurate and relevant field data from the field is no longer a difficult task. By utilizing the mobile app, Blackbox simplifies the reporting process while creating a direct market link into the market. Proof is in the data. What can be done with that knowledge makes a big difference.
We are thrilled to announce that Blackbox Pro will be released May 2020, with advanced features, customization, encrypted information and new capabilities for improved data analysis and capture.